Why does Piriform not want to launch a Windows 10 UWP app?


As most of you already know, CCleaner is a popular maintenance software developed by Piriform for Windows systems. Its basic task is to clean up all those files that are unnecessary for Windows systems and that do nothing but take up disk space and consume resources.

This is a program that has been with us for several years and that has steadily been gaining the confidence of millions of users all over the world due to its new versions and updates. However, this is a software that has recently been marked by a major controversy because a version of CCleaner released from the brand’s own servers contained malware, and it was available for everyone to download it for a month.

Even though this was solved as soon as we found out about the problem, many users have stated that they do not trust the program’s new versions. Well, after all this, the maintenance software for Windows is again on everyone’s lips, as its developers claim that they will not launch a UWP app for Windows 10. Everyone knows that Microsoft is trying to convince program developers to launch their own versions using the Universal Windows Platform, so Piriform could not be left aside, but as we just learned, this is something that will not happen with CCleaner.


CCleaner will not have a UWP app for Windows 10

In fact, the company explained that it does not plan to take its popular software to the official Windows store mainly because this would require the software to be majorly rewritten. The company does not rule out considering the possibility of launching a UWP app in the future, but only in case there is enough demand. What is clear is that this possibility is out of the question as of now: on the one hand because this would require the software to be extensively rewritten, and on the other hand because the program’s functioning would also need to be reassessed.

This is because the way how CCleaner works would have to change compared to how it currently does in order to work together with the entire range of Windows-based devices, that is, not only the PC, but also the Surface tablets and other devices. But as we said before, Piriform does not rule out that this can be done in the future as long as the brand considers that there is enough demand to make an effort.