Solve the problems of clicks with old mice with this app.


The mouse we have installed in our pc is a fundamental element in our daily work with it. That is why its proper performance is so important. It is something we do not notice until it starts failing and causing us problems.

Basically,when we are using a rather old mouse, the pulsations or clicks we make with it start to cause troubles, and it is something that can drive us mad more than once.That is the reason why in the following lines, we ar going to talk to you about ClickFix, a free software for Windows that solves the problems of clicks with the mouse.

Specifically, this software can solve the problems of unintentional extra clicks when we pulse on any push-button with our mouse or touchpad. Therefore, when this software is installed in our pc, the muse will not execute additionalg wrong clicks when we had pressed just once the left button, right or central of the device. Beside,with the unintentional clicks mentioned before,this software will solve the problem of dragging and dropping something wrongly with the mouse as well. It is something we fequently do and it is also annoying.

In case we had used many mice all these years long, we have realizad that after using them for a long time, their capacity of clicking decreases. One ofth main problems we face in this case is that the mouse cliks multiple events when we have clicked just once.The same situation happens when we have to select several elements dragging them, which is a nuisance most of the times.


How to fix the problems of the extra clicks of the mouse.

The inconvenient, in this case, is due to the selection we are doing in that moment, disappear meanwhile the mouse actives internally some extra click.For all of this, even when it is a problem of the hardware, it can also be fixed with the help of the free software we have already mentioned you, ClickFix.

What this free of charge program really do is to change the delaying between clicks internally, then, when the sftware is activated, it will wait for the real click of the user and will keep it pulsed internally for a while until it will be delivered, avoiding this way, the annoying extra clicks. In the same way, we have the posibility to change the interval of this delaying with the panel of the settings of CickFix itself.

On the other hand,it is important highlight that this is a progranm that remains loaded in the backgound, what will cause the mentioned problems with the mouse disapear forever, beside it will not consume resources of the system, so we shall not even notice that it is there loaded permanently.