OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: comparison

OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Yesterday we measured the new phablet from OnePlus with the one from Apple to see how much of a flagship killer it could be, but actually, it’s biggest rival may be the vesselless phablet from Xiaomi, especially now that we can buy it directly from Spain. Which of the two leaves us with a better quality/price ratio? Let’s see it with this comparison: OnePlus 5T vs Mi Mix 2.


One of the big novelties of the OnePlus 5T is to arrive with smaller frames, even though it does not do it to the same extent as the Mi Mix 2, that goes more towards a less symmetric focus. The aesthetic is similar, regardless, there are appreciable differences and more notably is the materials, with the phablet from OnePlus going for the more classic metal and the Xiaomi’s for the ceramic. That said, both have a digital fingerprint reader.


As we just said, Xiaomi reduced the frames more than it’s competitor and this is something that has a very clear impact in the size of both phablets, especially if we know that both of the screens are the same size (15,61 x 7,5 cm compared to 15,18 x 7,55 cm). When what we compare is the weight, however, OnePlus’s phablet is the winner (162 grams compared to 185 grams) and, even though the difference is less important and less noticeable, the same happens with thickness (7,3 mm compared to 7,7 mm).

OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2


We’ve already said that the screens in these phablets have the same size (6 inchess) and it’s not the only thing that they have in common, since both have also adopted the so in vogue format 18: 9, more elongated, while they have opted to maintain Full HD resolution so as not to harm their performance. In fact it’s resolution is a little bit higher than the standart (2160 x 1080), but you already know that this is more than anything product of the adoption of that new aspect ratio that forces to introduce more pixels in the vertical.


A tie is also absolute in regards to their performance, at least as far as technical specifications are concerned and waiting to see evidence of actual use: in both cases we have the star high-end processor, a octacore Snapdragon 835 at 2,45 GHz, and 6 GB of RAM memory (although there will be a version of the OnePlus 5T also with nothing less than 8 GB). The two also arrive, in addition, with Android Nougat.

Storage capacity

We return to find a situation of total equality in the section of storage capacity, and again, both for the good and the bad: with both we will have 64 GB of internal memory, which is a very respectable figure, but none will give us the option to use a micro-SD card, in case we fall short.

OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2


In the cameras section, on the contrary, we find two very different approaches: in the OnePlus 5T they’re going for a dual camera and raising the number of megapixels (20 y 16 MP, in the rear part and 16 MP in the front). In the Xiaomi, however, nwe find a main camera of 12 MP with bigger size pixels (1.25 um) and with optical stabilizer of 4 axis images, and with a 5 MP frontal camera.


From the real autonomy little can be said with certainty until we have comparable data of independent tests but from the start the Mi Mix 2 part has some advantage, even though not much, in regard to the capacity of the battery (3300 mAh versus 3400 mAh). Being so similar, on the other hand, we cannot expect large differences in consumption, except for the optimization work that has been done with each one.

OnePlus 5T versus Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: final balance of the comparison and price

We have already seen that, indeed, the duel between the OnePlus 5T and the Mi Mix 2 is much more balanced than the one we brought yesterday, to the point that there are few elements that can tip the balance clearly from one side or the other, except for design issues and depending on our preferences with regards to the camera.

To this we must add that both are sold for the same price: the Mi Mix 2 arrived in our country selling for 500 euros the standard model, the same as announced yesterday will cost the same price as the OnePlus 5T when it will be launched in November 21. We will have to weigh with great care, therefore, the small differences that exist between one and the other to choose well that is a better investment for us.

Here you can consult the complete technical sheet of the OnePlus 5T and the Mi Mix 2 yourselves.