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Classic Add-Ons Archive, the catalog with all the accessories of Firefox

Classic Add-Ons Archive is a new accessory for the web search engine Mozilla Firefox that can be better described as a local catalog of classic Firefox accessories. The current version of the catalog includes 16,706 Firefox accessories that the developers created in the last 14 years, based on XUL / XPCOM Firefox technology. The accessory […]

OnePlus 5T vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: comparison

Yesterday we measured the new phablet from OnePlus with the one from Apple to see how much of a flagship killer it could be, but actually, it’s biggest rival may be the vesselless phablet from Xiaomi, especially now that we can buy it directly from Spain. Which of the two leaves us with a better […]

Microsoft improves game search in the Xbox store with the advent of new filters.

The official applications store that we use almost consistently in the times that run, either on a platform or another, which is increasingly an important element for that system or platform to acquire some importance, so the contents that harbors, grow continually. It is due to all this that we talk about the devices Playstore […]